GINETTO SPORT ( Reggio Emilia )

Ginetto Sport – a shop with a spirit and a treasury of quality, vision and commitment. Mirco Vezzani, a guardian and a host introducing customers into the enchanting new world and universe, full of secret knowledge, useful information and experienced advice, represents an epitome of kindness and hospitality, always positive and smiling, making you feel at home while in the shop and content and enthusiastic after you have left, wishing to instantly test bought products somewhere in the mountains, on a forest path, in a snowy countryside, in urban surroundings, in the Amazon rainforest or in Africa’s deserts… In the captivating shop of Ginetto Sport, Mirco will always find the very things you need…

Although looking tiny, this place hides a huge reservoir of specialized brands, high quality materials and products that Mirco and his team carefully analyze and choose before placing them on the shelves of this inspiring sanctuary. Behind each piece of product there is a story, a history and a reason why it is in this treasury. The Ginetto Sport family follow and regularly update their offer in accordance with modern trends, innovation and knowledge, visiting outdoor trade shows and fairs and keeping pace with new arrivals and products.


Whether you are a mountain runner, a skyrunner, a marathon runner, a triathlon athlete, an ultramarathon runner, a mountain climber, a nature-lover or an outdoor enthusiast, a recreational athlete or a professional, in Ginetto Sport you will find your prefect pieces along with the bonus of useful information and advice to pave the path to your dreams and goals.

The Ginetto Sport shop team is profoundly connected to and is an active part of the outdoor community. They oftentimes organize joint testing of new products, give competent educational lectures and offer affordable prices to regular buyers.

When you enter the world of Ginetto Sport and Mirco Vezzani, the hours pass unbelievably quickly, you remain fascinated with the strong commitment of your host, the quality of the service and the products. The aim of the team is to be a part of your success story, to be proud of your achievements and to take part in creation of your visions, projects and plans.

I am immensely grateful to the Ginetto Sport shop team for being my loyal companion and supporter in many ultramarathons and extreme endurance races  around the world. I am very glad and proud to have become friendly with such admirable and humane people.

The visit to this magical treasury is my warmest recommendation. If you keep your dream alive, it will keep you alive!

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