William Wallace: “Aye, fight and you may die. Run, and you’ll live…at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willing to trade ALL the days from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take…OUR FREEDOM”!

Is there a person in the world that would not, after hearing this inspirational speech by William Wallace played by the legendary Mel Gibson in the epic, Oscar winning movie classic Braveheart, put on their face “warrior paint” ennobled by enthusiasm, hope, and perseverance and filled with motivation go off into the coming everyday life “battles”?

What is though the bond connecting Braveheart, Scott Jurek, car Citroen DS, wrist watch Rolex Explorer, Exupéry’s literary work of art The Little Prince, SCARPA and FERRINO Italian brands with UVU running wear? What brings together these seemingly unrelated categories?

The answer lies in the fact that all stated items are timeless, belonging to a lasting epic classic category, incomparable to anyone or anything, synonymous to quality, vision, creativity, innovation and representing true “works of art” in their respective fields…

However, what makes them so special…?

After having finished the legendary 250 kilometers long Jungle Marathon held in the rainforests of Brazilian Amazonia, I returned to my home galvanized by strong emotions and events that had taken place out there deep in the original jungle and carried by the thought that a human being when faced directly with the hostile environment of the primal wild is so tiny and helpless and that as such he should have much more respect towards nature, he should embrace it with his senses and humbly ask for it to open its arms and receive it. Long live Amazonia, the Green Lungs of the World! Powerful Amazonia, I greet and salute you!

Jungle Marathon represents one of the most demanding, multiple stages, multiday ultramarathons, where the protagonists of this epic story are faced with relentless challenges thrown at them by the nature of Amazonia. Great air humidity and the sensation as if you were in a natural sauna, short, but extremely demanding climbs and plunging slopes decorated with luscious vegetation covered in mud and roots, water obstacles and swamps, quagmire and life-threatening animal wildlife, lurking perfectly camouflaged, are only some of the peculiarities of this race.

In order to move fast and conquer natural “traps” and “pitfalls” the Queen of All Jungles had set in the path of us, race participants, one would have to be born in one of the local Amazonian tribes that have fused with the rainforest and become an integral part of it, or to be sufficiently quick, agile and both physically and mentally prepared. Since I definitely didn’t belong to the first category, and the second one, judging by the description, would have to be much like the epic comic book hero Zagor, the ghost with an axe (Za-Gor Te-Nay), that moves like a beast though the swampy forests of Darkwood, I had to give it my all, the entire knowledge and experience gathered during various endurance races held in some of the most demanding terrains on the planet Earth, in order to finish Jungle Marathon.

Carried by strong motives and on the wings of inspiring scenery surrounding me, I managed to finish the race and take first place.

However, far more significant than winning was the unforgettable experience and immeasurable riches contained in the newly formed friendships, as well as the comprehension that life is made essentially more beautiful by the little things and pleasures. That is why I once again say loudly: “Long live Amazonia, the Green Lungs of the World!”

In order to bring to an end an Amazonian adventure, although not crucial, the significance of the quality of equipment and clothes you carry is truly enormous. That is where the bond between UVU clothes and timelessness is formed. One of the greatest qualities of UVU brand is not only a perfect line of running wear, but also a vision and dedication of the UVU development team and a constant aspiration to innovate and make new creations. Jules Verne of the UVU family and our own wizard Merlin, one of the founders of UVU story and brand, Gerhard Flatz is on the leading edge of ideas and always prepared for new projects, accepting suggestions and advice received from the test site for clothing, whether it be the icy vastness of Arctic, the Alps mountain range, Namibian desert or the jungle of Amazonia. Gerhard’s curiosity was soaring this time as well and the question kept coming up like a river flood; however, my answer was simple: “We are not going to change a single thing, this is a future classic …”!

Charisma he displays and positive energy he emanates at every moment, make Scott Jurek, one of the best racers of all time, stand out from the sea of talented and legendary athletes and make him a true classic. When you hear Scott’s inspired speeches and see the spark and faith in his eyes while he speaks, you immediately feel an irresistible desire to go grab your running shoes and join Jurek in his adventurous racing feats up in the mountains or Cooper Canyon while he runs with the Tarahumara Indians.

It was in the year 1953 that Sir Edmund Hillary and his friend, sherpa Tenzing Norgay, became the first people ever to climb the Roof of the World – Mount Everest. During his climb, Hillary carried a wrist watch Rolex Explorer. Although today there are wrist watches with more sophisticated technology, GPS options and other high-technology solutions, Explorer represents an unsurpassable classic that will continue to be your faithful and reliable companion during even the most challenging missions you head into.

What is then to be said for the Citroen DS, a classic of the automotive industry, a work of art created in the mid-twentieth century, that even today sets standards with its design, functionality and aesthetic experience and that represents a true testament of human creativity and innovation.

The story about classics would be incomplete without two Italian brands inspired by history, SCARPA and FERRINO, that carry within the scent of olives and images of lively vineyards of Asolo on one hand and powerful mountain tops of the Alps and hard Aosta Valley on the other, a fairytale like story about the visions of the families Parisotto and Ferrino.

You could almost imagine the characters of Luigi Parisotto and Cesare Ferrino with pleased smiles on their faces, cheering for you while you run through the most hostile corners of the planet carrying extraordinary SCARPA sneakers and fantastic FERRINO outdoor equipment. You run inspired by a deep story, a legend and a testament of the human dedication. They are no longer pieces of shoes and equipment, rather you carry with you the symbols of two families, their history and tradition, you do not doubt their quality, you are certain that SCARPA Neutron sneakers and FERRINO Highlab equipment will show you the way to the goal, much like a sailors’ beacon in the dark nights.

Luigi Parisotto and Cezare Ferinno’s smiles would be joined by the Basti Haag’s, one of the first UVU brand ambassadors, warm look and smile filled with eternal enthusiasm. Before the tragic accident on Shisha Pangma mountain top in Tibet, where he lost his life in 2014, Basti tested UVU clothing prototypes for several years in as diverse climate conditions and regions as possible, which resulted in the creation of UVU official line I had used during Jungle Marathon. “The Holy Grail” was finally found and another classic was on the horizon. UVU line of clothing represents a perfect combination of clothes for performing activities in the rainforests – jungles. If you plan to run or perform activities in the Amazonian jungles of Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Guyana, Ecuador or any other rain – tropical forests on the planet Earth, your search for ideal combination of clothing can end immediately. UVU brand offers the answer you are looking for.

Ideal design, aesthetics, perfect ultra-light breathable materials used to create the clothes, technical features, dedication to the smallest of details which affect functionality of clothes and the freedom of movement during activities all represent parts of the mosaic of UVU line that will make you feel like a super hero dressed in his magic suit.

I will end the story about classics with a quote from Exupéry’s work The Little Prince, a classic in the field of literature…

“Here’s my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

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