Second place for Jovica Spajic in Moab 240 race

And the winner of Moab 240, 2021 snow edition is Mike McKnight @thelowcarbrunner, in 55:49:58. This is Mike’s 5th 200 miler win and 8th finish, and we are blown away by his consistent strength as an athlete and human, both physically and mentally. Well-earned victory, Mike!! We are so thrilled for you.

In 2nd place at 56:54:21 is Jovica Spajic @jovicaspajic, who also threw down an impressive performance for his first time doing Moab 240. Both Mike and Jovica ran long sections of this course neck in neck, and it was pretty exciting to watch this race unfold! Well fought, gentlemen.

Our current third place male, Marvin Sandoval, isn’t too far out, and our 1st place female Annie Hughes @outdoorable_annie is currently running in 4th place overall and moving strong. Don’t forget to keep tuning into the live tracker, and we will have more results for you shortly!